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The Computational, Cognitive, Behavioral Social Science Research Group (CCB), chaired by Prof. Shu-Heng Chen, had its first symposium on July 17, 2014.  The symposium was inaugurated by Prof. Chen with a speech titled “ACE and EE: A Review of Some Recent Progresses”, which outlined the path to the combined development of ACE and EE and was followed by a warm discussion.  Issues discussed include :

1. The Ultimate Roles of Software Agents: Whether software agents can one day pass the Turing test and or they will remain good assistants of mankind?

2. Scaled-Up Issue: Real agents in EE have physical limitation, such as emotion and fatigue.  Besides, it is usually hard to conduct large-scale human experiment. On the other hand, the artificial agents do not have physical limitation and a model can simulate with huge amount of software agents.  Can ACE be the solution of EE’s scale problem?

3. Human-Machine Interaction: What interesting phenomena can be observed from the comparisons among the settings of machine-to-machine, machine-to-human (with the subject's knowledge), machine-to-human (without the subject's knowledge), and human-to-human?

The Group decided to incorporate these issues into next meeting agendas for further research and discussion.