Social sciences are moving in a direction in which their various constituent parts are sharing a common set of foundations, languages and platforms, which makes the social sciences be unprecedentedly behavioral, algorithmic and computational. At the turn of the 21st century, a group of computer scientists and social scientists worked together to initiate new series of conferences and to establish new academic organizations to give momentum to this emerging integration now known as computational social sciences.

    Among the largest of such conferences, WCSS is sponsored by the three regional scientific associations on social simulations: ESSA (the European Social Simulation Association), PAAA (Pacific Asian Association for Agent-based Approach in Social Systems Sciences) and CSSSA (Computational Social Science Society of America). It aims at bringing together researchers and practitioners from diverse fields on social simulations, whether theoretical, experimental, practical, or technical, to present the latest results of various researches and to discuss emergent phenomena and modeling issues of a variety of research subjects related to social simulations, which will provide further understanding on social complex problems.