Visa Information:

Citizens of the following countries are eligible for visa-exempt entry into Taiwan for up to 30 days:

Mainland Chinese authors

If you are holding PRC's passport, you need to start Taiwan visa application NOW. The conference will help you submit the application, if we receive your application form and all necessary documents by September 15, 2008. Any submission after September 15, 2008 may not receive the application result on time for you to make the travel plan.

Please click here for the application form and instruction.  If you will come from other than mainland China, the processing procedure is stated at

If by the time when mailing out the application, you have not received the invitation letter, please don't worry. We will attach the invitation letter to your visa application when we receive your application package, under the condition that we can confirm the acceptance of your paper with the Program Chair. If we cannot receive the confirmation, we will inform you by email immediately.

Since it is now passed September 15, 2008, we need to rush processing your application form and require special handling/processing fee. Therefore, the total visa fee & special processing fee is US$32). Please click here to pay the visa application fee.

If you have any visa application question, please feel free to contact Ms. Connie Wang at

For further information, assistance and verification, please consult the Bureau of Consular Affairs