Prof. Dr. Shu-Heng Chen is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Economics, Dean of Office of International Cooperation, Director of the AI-ECON Research Center, and the organizer of Experimental Economics Laboratory at National Chengchi University.  He also serves as the editor-in-chief of the Journal of New Mathematics and Natural Computation (World Scientific) and the Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination (Springer), as well as the associate editor of the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (Elsevier).  Prof. Chen holds an M.A. degree in mathematics and a Ph. D. in Economics from University of California at Los Angeles. He has more than 150 publications in international journals and edited book volumes. He is recognized as one of the founders and leaders in the field of agent-based computational economics and the first to introduce genetic programming into agent-based computational economics. He takes a biologically-inspired approach in modeling the boundedly rational behavior of agents; on this regard, he stands in a position of carrying on the legacy of Alfred Marshall and Herbert Simon.  Under his leadership, AI-ECON Research Center is internationally acknowledged via the invention of the Taiwan Model—an agent-based artificial stock model.  In recent years, he further leads the Center to conduct researches that incorporate agent-based computational economics, behavioral economics, and experimental economics.  Over the last decades, he served as a keynote speaker at more than a score of international conferences.  The recent ones include a Lectio Magistralis given at University of Trento, Italy, 2009, a keynote speech at the 16th International Conference on the Society for Computational Economics, London, 2010, the 3rd International Workshop on Managing Financial Instability in Capitalist Economies, Genova, Italy, 2012, and the 2012 Workshop on Computational Finance and Economics at the Central Bank of Mexico. In 2007, he was included in Marquis 10th Anniversary Edition of “Who's Who in Science and Engineering”. In 2009, he was included in Strathmore's Who's Who.  Prof. Chen’s full CV can be found at
陳樹衡教授為國立政治大學經濟系特聘教授兼國際合作處處長、人工智慧經濟學研究中心主任、暨實驗經濟學實驗室主持人。他同時擔任the Journal of New Mathematics and Natural Computation (World Scientific)以及the Journal of Economic Interaction and Coordination (Springer) 之主編  the Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (Elsevier) 等)之副主編。畢業於美國加州大學洛杉磯分校,擁有該校經濟學博士及數學碩士之學位。他於國際期刊及專書中發表了超過150篇之論文,被認為是軟體代理人基計算經濟學之創始人及先驅之一,並率先將基因演算法帶入此一領域當中。他以生物法則來建立代理人有限理性之行為模式,而樹立了繼承Alfred Marshall Herbert Simon 兩位大師傳承的地位。他所領導的人工智慧經濟學研究中心,因創造「台灣模型」(台灣代理人基人工股市模型),而使該研究中心揚名於國際;近年來,他更帶領該中心從事整合代理人基計算經濟學、行為經濟學、以及實驗經濟學之研究。在過去十年中,他擔任國際會議主講人(Keynote speaker)之經驗不下廿餘次,地點包括義大利Trento 大學(2007)、倫敦(2010計算經濟學學會第16屆年會)、義大利熱那亞(2012第三屆資本經濟學財務不穩定性管理國際會議)、墨西哥中央銀行(2012計算財務與經濟研討會)等。他於2007年被收錄於Marquis Who’s Who2009年被收錄於Strathmore's Who's Who之名人錄中。有關陳教授之完整履歷,請見