National Chengchi University, Taiwan


2008 Summer School in Computational Social Sciences

18 August 2008 – 29 August 2008



Call for Lecturers



      National Chengchi University in Taipei Taiwan will take place a summer school in computational social sciences in the summer of 2008 to continue the success of this series in 2007. We appreciate the participation of the renowned scholars, including Dr. David Sallach, Dr. Thomas Lux, Dr. Klaus Jaffe, Dr. Joel Jeffrey, and Dr. Martin Rosvall, for lecturing in the summer school of 2007.  Lecturers in the fields of Neuroeconomics, Prediction markets, Agent-based social networks, Agent-based artificial societies, Software/Algorithm for social simulations, Econphysics, Experimental Economics, and Agent-based modeling for geometric information system are welcome to participate the 2008 event and can find more information at http://www.aiecon.org/summer_school/ or write to Professor Shu G. Wang for further details (nccut104@nccu.edu.tw) .



Each invited lecturer is expected to stay in this program for at least 5 business days and to provide five 3-hour lectures in his research areas during the summer school.  Course outlines and handouts are expected to be received in one month before the beginning of this event.



There will be airfare reimbursement, honorarium for lectures, and accommodation for the stay during the summer school, as well as Taipei city tours during weekend.