Duke Forest Conference 2016
Economics in the Era of Natural Computationalism and Big Data
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the
“Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata” (by John von Neumann)
Hilton Garden, Durham, North Carolina, Nov 11-13, 2016

Welcome to DFC 2016

The theme of Duke Forest Conference 2016 is Economics in the Era of Natural Computationalism and Big Data. The conference aims to discover the answer for the following questions. First, how economics, specifically behavioral and computational economics, can help data analytics in mining information and knowledge from big data; second, how big-data phenomena can present economists challenging research questions, new research opportunities, and methodological innovations. For the latter, we further ask how computer simulation, laboratory experiments, field study, questionnaires may evolve or co-evolve with the presence of big data.

With the above core issues, studies in each of the aforementioned fields, but not limited to, empirical economics, behavioral economics, experimental economics, on- line gaming experiments, neuroeconomics, computational economics, agent-based simulation, econometrics, history of economics, data science, and other related disciplines, such as artificial intelligence, psychology, cognitive sciences, digital physics, computational social sciences and digital humanities are also welcome. This is particular so, since DFC is a joint event with the 3rd Behavioral, Economic, and Social-Cultural Computing (BESC). Topics of interests announced in BESC are also welcome.