Duke Forest Conference 2016
Economics in the Era of Natural Computationalism and Big Data
Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the
“Theory of Self-Reproducing Automata” (by John von Neumann)
Hilton Garden, Durham, North Carolina, Nov 11-13, 2016

Special Session on Intellectual Property Rights

Call for Papers

Special Session Organizer:

Susan Freya Olive, Olive & Olive, USA

This program, crossing the boundaries of both Conference (DFC, 2016 & IEEE, 2016), focuses on how the economic and social importance of big data affects its protection, now and in the future. International struggles with patents covering surgical methods and pharmaceuticals have faced similar issues. Are some types of inventions too important to be monopolized? Is regulated licensing, or outright refusal of protection, the wave of the future? Decisions striking down business method and software inventions have important applications to big data. Are some niches safer for investment than others? Will these concerns, and privacy laws, affect corporate activity trends and, therefore, relative accessibility to data mining methodologies and the underlying data? Will your own work be hindered or enhanced by the solutions to these questions? Susan Freya Olive will host a lively discussion covering these and other issues affecting intellectual property protection for big data.

A PDF version of the CFP can be downloaded from here